Every man is an original, not only the man to the left with the icy beard. At least all of us are born as such. But what if we make experiences that make us feel not being an orginal anymore? What if we have the feeling that we are being lived instead of living ourselves? How do I manage to have a clear look at my life? How do I manage to get free from the inside to the outside and also to feel and know it? We all need good friends, colleagues, mentors or trainers that have the courage to tell us what they think about us. We need people that do not behave like therapists but like sparring partners, as men who help us reflect ourselves! Ultimatively we cannot produce originals. 

We are just a driving force that you become alive and live what is inside of you: YOUR original.

Highlights of our journey:AufbruchRZWI_Reise_Sommer

  • Time to arrive home and come to rest
  • Set out for a multiday easy hiking tour
  • Canoing on calm water (lake or easy river)
  • Time to relax at the fire or in the sweat lodge
  • Observe animals (like moose, birds etc.)
  • Search for something delicious in nature (swamps, berries, herbs etc.)Leben_im_WinterEntspannen_am_Abend
  • Time to reflect, maybe be on your own
  • Time for talking to the trainers or with other participants in the group

I want to have more information about that journey!


For readers who want to know more:

This offer is for men and women who want to clarify the question: Who am I and why am I here? How can I become (again) the original that I want to live? It´s not only about the question what makes me an individual (originality) but also who am I as a men or a women (identity)? What kind of men or women am I or do I want to be (style)?

This tour requires a certain emotional soundness and stability. The tour cannot replace a therapy and is not a therapy! It is about creating opportunities for special experiences that help the participants to find out about themselves.

During the tour you can get to know yourself better - either by experiences, but also by absolutely voluntary conversations with our trainers (men with men and women with women). On the background of our christian idea of men and faith we introduce the participants into the seach of a personal perspective in life (calling). We look at your distinctive way and personality, we look and test your talents and we support you on the question which calling God might have for you. There are volontary elements on the tour like Bible life stories, sweat lodge, be and stand alone(ness), overcome fears in the wilderness, listen to God´s voice (THE „inner voice"), talking with God and person of trust etc. We set value on each participant to find rest his or her own way. Times of quiteness change with common actions and happy meals, fire camps or storytelling. The target of the tour is that you find YOUR answers to the questions above and to come home recovered with your body, mind and soul! By request we do a follow-up care or help you find such a follow-up care in your region.

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