Currently there is no commonly accepted scientific definition that we know of.

That´s why we use the following definition at SW:

Real wilderness are small or bigger landscapes that are suitable that natural processes can be running or can be restored. Man does not disturb these landscapes with settlements or any commercial usage.




For readers who want to know more:

A more specific definition is the definition from the European Parliament in the Conference in Prague may 2009 according to IUNC criteria (extract of the full report): "The word Wilderness means the 'virgin' areas, a natural environment that has not been significantly modified by human activity. These areas are core areas for nature. Wilderness areas are places where nature processes and wildlife thrives. These areas are large areas of land or sea, which - together with its native plant and animal communities and the ecosystems of which they are a part - is in a natural state, and where major human interference needs to be avoided."
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