Of what use is wilderness for me as a single person or for a group?

Even though this question stems from a human-centric way of thinking the question can be answered very clearly. But if you,
dear reader, are able to accept these answers for yourself and make use of it is very depending on the question if you are willing
to test the answers out in the wilderness! We will try to describe some of our experiences that helped us to understand wilderness.

Let´s make sure: if we speak of nature we speak of wilderness, not of the beautifully planted forest at the edge of your city or village (although the flowers there might blossom so wunderful!).

On the right side you find an example from the soc. "Bannwald" (i.e. Forest) of the Ruhestein in the Black Forest. "Bannwald" in the middle ages was a forest where only the land owners were allowed to hunt; the forest was "banned", i.e. forbidden. At the Ruhestein we find one of the oldest nature reserves in Germany. The photo shows a way down to the soc. "Wildsee" (lake). This is a way, not a forest glade! Here we see:

1. Experiences in the wilderness can make you wilder and determined to go about important things in your daily life as determined and confirmed as you crossed the wilderness country!

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2. To master challenges in the wilderness (together with others) will strengthen your self-confidence and power of endurance in your daily life.

You can see an example on the right side, i.e. a white water crossing at the Røa (here WW 3) in the norwegian Femund National Parc with about 8 degrees water temperature. Tobi - congrats to this adventure!

Similar challenges could be: trekking cross-country, climbing / mountain hikes, white water kayak / canoe / rafting, canyoning, cliff diving, crossing canyons or swamps, detect animals, hike at night, stay overnight in the wilderness etc.

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3. In the wilderness you recover from your efforts in daily life.  Here you find THE balance not only for your body but also for your spirit and soul. As wilderness guides we pay attention to the needs of our guests as a group and also as a single person where it is safe and suitable for the tour.

Relaxation in the wilderness reaches deeper that any other relaxation even in a 5 star hotel!

On the right side our two sons relax in the Femund National Parc in norway.


4. In the wilderness you can make experiences together with your friends, sons and daughters that bring a strong bonding between you and them.

If you already have a good relationship - fine! In this case the common experiences can bring special highlights in your lives and can deepen your trust than ever before. If your relationship is rather stressed then use the time to first relax yourself and after that go up to the other person. This can even happen if your kids are already adults! You can tie in with those experiences if you are back in everydays life and work actively on those relationships. On the right side you see my youngest son together with his father in Fulufjället National Parc in sweden.

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5. In the wilderness you can see the astonishing beauty of our planet in big and small things

The precondition for that is that you open your eyes not only for the big things but also for the small things in front of you and next to your feet!

You can even get a big step ahead if you take time (and we give enough time for that) to spend some time on your own and to sit or stand still to watch, to discover, to enjoy or to reflect.

Always remember that your soul also needs "food" to feel well!


6. The deepest impact on our life that we know of is to meet GOD in the wilderness

We also respect people who do not believe in god and we do not try to convince them of anything. We have learned to acknowledge different opinions and to talk openly and honestly about personal experiences.

But we invite people to look closely at the wonders in this world and to think if this was all by accident. But you have to start searching God yourself if you want to meet HIM. We cannot talk it and we cannot make it for you. You will experience it or not (yet). But what we can do is to tell you how it happened to us. Or how it happened to people in the bible. After that the adventure begins for you and us to search him and meet HIM who created heaven and earth - and also us human beings.

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