Lebensveraenderung It´s time to change something important! You already know how you want to change. Do you also have the courage to take the first steps towards a change? Do you know which step to take before the other one? Did you already find the golden thread? Do you have a plan how to reach your goals? Do you know the (inner) map and compass to guide you there? Are you sure about your emotions and intuition? Did you come to terms with your way? Do you have (inner) pictures in your mind´s eye that lead you? Do you have a person of trust to speak to regularly? Do you give those person the right to ask uncomfortable questions? Are you willing and ready to react to changes that are waiting for you on your way?

You already know quite good what you want and what you do not want. What you lack is a real challenge to know THAT YOU REALLY CAN MAKE IT!
We want to help you to launch into your dream of live!
Therefor we give you the opportunity to master a REAL challenge on this tour.

Highlights of our tour:AufbruchEntspannung

  • Time to arrive home and come to rest
  • Set out to a multiday challenging hike
  • Canoing on quite water (lake) and simple white water (river)
  • Time to relax at the fire camp or in the sweat lodge
  • Observe animals (like moose) and read tracks (of bear, wolf or lynx)
  • Time for a solo tour with tasks, a feast and acknowledgement in the group
  • Time to reflext, maybe on your own
  • Time for conversations with our trainers and with other participants

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For readers who want to know more:

This offer is for men and women who want to become couragous to make their personal way into life!

We look at life stories in the bible and historic people who managed to live up to their dreams. We will find their common qualities that made them successful to live their dreams! In parallel we look at your personal dream of live peacefully and relaxed. You can talk to a trainer of trust (men with men and women with women) or to other participants (what we also recommand). We ask God together but also each other, if it is a realistic and constructive dream in life. We take a look at the steps you have already tried on the way towards your dream. And we give you feedback which changes or next steps could be helpful for you. On the tour you work on your dream and you draw a clear picture of it – just as sharp as you need it to be! You can also change or adapt your picture as you move forward. We encourage you to work on your dream of life. If you think of major changes you can ask the trainers about it. If you like and if possible we integrate opportunities and chances to share your dream in life with the other participants to get feedback from them. We will do everything for you to take courage, new power and the chance to advance towards your dream in life! By request we do a follow-up care or help you find such a follow-up care in your region.

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