Do you want to take care that wilderness will be preserved or even extended regionally and globally?
Join in and get involved with it personally!

Cause: As humans we are able to destroy wilderness as our fundament of living. Humanity has sadly proven this many times in history.

But why is it high time that we stand up and DO something for the protection of wilderness?

Because species extinction and climate changes forced by humans threaten us and our children TODAY! Not tomorrow.


We as SW get engaged as following:Ruhestein

a) regionally at the Nature Reserve Centre Ruhestein in the National Parc Black Forest (Schwarzwald)
with actions on-site.



b) internationally in Namibia with the support for the bushmen (San)Nyae_Nyae
and the local Wildlife Conservancy Agency (Download Flyer) in the nature reserve
Nyae Nyae, it may be direct
(with journeys and help initiatives) or via the Ombili foundation on-site.

If you are interested to take part in a journey to the bushmen (San) please contact our team!
In the village of the bushmen you can get to know the people and culture or to come with us on safari by foot or car
into the wilderness of the Nyae Nyae nature reserve.
Or you take part in practical help for the bushmen village concerning crafts, medicinem, agriculture or learning english.
We are looking forward to hear from you! You find our contact data here.

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