Our core values

At SW (Simply Wilderness) we are strongly convinced that

1. the god of the bible created the earth as a wilderness, as HIS huge garden for men and women to live in. Inside this wilderness HE shows us WHO HE IS.
His order to men was to subdue all beings in the same way that god subdues men: with authority and love!

2. we as men, women and children need experiences in the wilderness to get a real and balanced picture of god and to conceive what the initial order for us was and is today.

3. these experiences in the wilderness will change our hearts deeply and will motivate us to live a sustainable life. The tours through the wilderness can make us humble,
fear god, get wise and make us absolutely determined to live to our calling when coming back into human civilization.

4. Wilderness changes people in a way that they actively start to protect other humans, animals and plants.

Our mission

We safely guide men, women and children into real wilderness and help them to experience and love animals, plants and landscapes.

Our vision

We want people to experience real wilderness to help save nature regionally and globally.

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