Here you see the proof of my successful education as "Qualified Wilderness Guide IWV" (IWV = german for International Wilderness Guide Association).

The scopes and length of the education can be found on (sorry: in german only). In short the education consists of 55 full education days plus 24 days of exam and internship separated into

a) the Outdoor Basic (10 days)
b) Outdoor Special Orientation II (2,5 days)
c) Outdoor Weather II (2,5 days)
d) Outdoor Mobile Ropes (2,5 days)
e) Outdoor White Water Leadership (3,5 days)
f) Outdoor Pedagogics (2,5 days)
g) Outdoor Medicine Emergency Care on tour (2,5 days)
h) Outdoor Guiding Practice Hike (9 days)
i) Internship / Work Project with a commercial outdoor provider (10 days)
j) Final Exam as a wilderness guide in sweden (14 days)

Nachweis Urkunde Geprüfter Wildnisführer IWV 

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