The tour format "Black Forest Edition" for fathers and sons is about 3 or 4 days depending on the weekend and/or holidays.
In these days we are in a nature reserve area or in a National Parc and will experience most of the following things:


 1. Day: Exploration!

  • Arrival and meeting point on-site (normally friday 5 pm, on holidays thursday 5 pm)
  • Short hike to the camp site and building up
  • Barbecue at the fire & introduction of all participants


2. Day: Swimming, climbing & other adventures

  • ample breakfast
  • We build a bow and arrows and shoot with them!
  • Hike for swimming, climbing and zip-line
  • Cooking delicious and simple wilderness meals together
  • surprise program in the evening with night hike (if we only stay for 3 days)


3. Day: Ups - shall we really go home?

  • ample breakfast
  • We tinker something to take with us home!
  • Packing and hiking back
  • Departure (sunday about 11 am)














 If we have a fourth day (e.g. on a holiday) the fourth day becomes the third day:


 4. Day: Outdoor Parcour & Night hike

  • ample breakfast
  • special time for father and son(s)
  • Outdoor Parcour (climbing trees, tug of war etc.)
  • Building a sweat lodge (nature sauna)
  • Special night with star observation (if possible)








If you have questions please send us an email to!

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