The tour format "Skandinavia Edition (Sweden/Norway)" for fathers and sons with wild heroes looks like this:
In the forefront of the tour there will be a voluntary preliminary meeting for everyone to get to know each other.
The appointment will be arranged by SW. If you have questions please send us an email to! Click here to look at the photos from the last tours!

Basic data for the journey
Finline_Jacuzzi  1. Day: Driving to Travemünde with private cars
  (on the way we can pick up participants)
  and crossing by trucker ferry (at night) to Malmö
  (with optional trucker buffet, jacuzzi,
  whirlpool, sauna, bar etc.)

Fulufjaellet  8. Day: Driving from Sanfjället National Parc in the
  Fulufjället National Parc
; shopping on the way and
  visiting the Tourist Center Fulufjället or hiking to the
  Njupeskär, the highest waterfall of sweden (> 90 m).
  Staying overnight in tents or in a cottage.

  9. Day: Departure to a
  Two-day-hike in theWanderung
llet National Parc.
Staying overnight in a cottage or a tent.

10. Day: Initiation hike with field tasks, meeting point at the fire camp, acknowledgement of the sons by the fathers and wild heroes.

11. Day: Driving back to Bosjön

Vaenernsee  2. Day: Driving from Malmö to the Vänern lake with
  stopover in Falkenberg with option for salmon fishing,
  stay overnight directly at the Vänern lake.
  3. Day: Driving from Vänern to Värmland (Bosjön)
  into wolf country! Staying overnight either in a holiday flat,
  on the grass in front of the cottage or directly at the lake
  side (ca. 1 km from the cottage).

   4. Day: Relaxation day in Bosjön at the lake

Sanfjaellet  5. Day: Driving from Bosjön to the Sanfjället
  National Parc
into bear country!
   6. Day: Day hike in Sanfjället
  National Parc
with the option to climb the
  summit (ca. 700 altitude difference); 
  7. Day: Relaxation day in Sanfjället
  National Parc
, tenting

Entspannungstag  12. DayRelaxation day in Bosjön at the lake

  13. Day: Driving back from Bosjön to Malmö and
  crossing by ferry (at night) to Travemünde

  14. Day: Driving back from Travemünde at home

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